Haunted House

This isn't some cute Halloween house. Your heart will be pumping liquid fear through your veins.

Haunted House


Read reviews from the lucky few who've escaped our haunted house before you.


Do You Think You're Brave Enough for Our Haunted House in Tyler, TX?

That's good-Your pride will be your undoing

Are you looking for scary things to do for Halloween in Tyler, TX? If it's fear you seek, it's fear you'll find at our Halloween Haunted House. World of Khaos throws an annual Halloween event in the fall that's known for being authentically frightening.

Although our haunted house theme for 2022 is being kept under wraps, we can promise you it'll be a great time-well, if you like being scared witless.

If you think you can handle the nightmares that'll haunt you for weeks, plan to visit our haunted house this fall. You can visit both of our houses for just $20. For an extra five bucks, we'll let you skip the line. You'll pay to get in, but you'll pray to get out.

Ticket Pricing

Tickets: $20

VIP Fast Pass: $30

Test Your Nerves at World of Khaos

Test Your Nerves at World of Khaos

We don't hold anything back

Are you feeling uneasy yet?

So, you're actually considering visiting World of Khaos. You really want to know more about our Halloween event in Tyler, TX? Well, this year's haunted house theme is buried until we're ready to exhume it, but there are some things you should know about the experience.

Keep this in mind as you shuffle to World of Khaos this fall:


  • We have two haunted houses on our property, and we take the production seriously to deliver the most terrifying experience possible.
  • We hire professional law enforcement officers as actors. They're there to keep you entertained and safe.


Fear Itself Is Not the Only Thing You Have to Fear

You'll know what it means to be terrified this fall